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Top Metaverse Wallets and Tokens in 2022

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Over the course of 2021, these virtual commodities gained a considerable amount of value, bringing them to the attention of investors and metaverse enthusiasts. The rise in crypto adoption coupled with the emerging use cases of NFT and DeFi has fueled a new revolution in the tech world. Not only Bitcoin, but many other smaller tokens have also grown exponentially, with favorable prospects for transforming the financial world.

Another pioneer metaverse gaming platform is known as Horizon Worlds, which was introduced by Facebook in 2003. Afflariumis a multiplayer metaverse game established on the Solana blockchain. In the game, players can search for SOL tokens and assets in the formation of NFTs and battle for them with other players. The AFFL token is the management token created on the Solana blockchain. It contains products such as the marketplace, messenger, NFTs, and four vital worlds for different sociable, monetary, and amusement experiences. It contains four worlds called Central world, Battle world, Arcade world, and World of adventures.

  • Many of the cryptocurrencies mentioned in this article are also some of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies available right now.
  • As the metaverse hype reached the peak, ENJ hit a high of $3.93 billion in market cap.
  • Thanks to NFT technology, every ‘Axie’ is truly unique and has its own genetic imprint.
  • 95% of the digital assets present in the ecosystem are NFTs that can be traded on the marketplace.
  • They are the only ones among their competitors who decided to connect their work with the world of Metaverses and cryptocurrencies.
  • There is a total of 3 billion SAND tokens with 1.24 billion tokens in circulation.
  • As metaverse coins become more popular, a growing number of both traditional and cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers now support these assets.

The DAO can be accessed by staking TARO and in turn, receiving voting and decision-making rights for the platform. Users can access technical and social indicators, risk profilers and trading signals based on social sentiments. Many Web 3.0 corporations have shown an interest in adopting the Enjin Wallet model on account of its easy-to-use and understand features. Enjin Wallet users can also hold and trade a native token called ENJ and purchase upgrades. AlphaWallet is integrated with top NFT marketplaces like ChainZ Arena and OpenSea.

Build and Build (BNB) – The Primary Token Powering BNB Chain

With prices being at its all-time low, getting in the project at this point may be considered to be a value proposition. The token continued to attract an audience, with its market cap growing to an all-time high of $1.18 billion, as investors are banking on the metaverse growth prospects. Bloktopia is a virtual skyscraper that consists of 21 different levels designed to honor the total supply of Bitcoins, i.e., 21 million. Bloktopia token holders are known as Bloktopians that will have dedicated access to the various facilities present on the platform. Top 10 metaverse coins typically have one major thing in common — they all manage to build a strong community. As a play-to-earn game and micro-metaverse, My Neighbor Alice provides players with a range of ways to earn tokens and is also free-to-play — making it incredibly accessible.

Top Metaverse Tokens

RobotEra is a newly launched metaverse-based crypto project which includes a new ecosystem with virtual real estate. Along with the metaverse, RobotEra also combines certain aspects of P2E (play-to-earn) and PVP gaming. Almost all virtual worlds require a certain how to invest in Metaverse native token to power them, which allows players to buy in-game resources, products, accessories, and other components. Somnium Space is a Virtual Reality world on the Ethereum blockchain , where players can buy land, build or import NFTs, explore, and trade.

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Calvaria is a new entrant into the world of Play 2 Earn games, combining NFTs and blockchain technology with it. Set in the afterlife, the game aims to connect the existing world and crypto by providing easy access to the world of crypto. Players must choose anyone from the following factions and organize armies to fight in a battle – Santa Muerte, Quetzalcoatl, and the Void. RobotEra is the new project on the block that has received considerable attention from investors and gamers alike.

Top Metaverse Tokens

Thankfully, this type of crypto wallet also works with most NFT marketplaces. The Enjin Coin is the native token of Enjin, a platform offering a suite of products to enable the development, trading, and monetization of NFTs. Its services include the Enjin Platform, Marketplace, Wallet, Beam, and other necessary tools and services.

Top Metaverse Tokens in 2022

The flag bearer organization for the metaverse today is a company formerly known as Facebook. Facebook is a social media platform that generates income by allowing people to create an online account and make friends on the internet. Additionally, using blockchain products like NFTs, the players can also design their avatar skins or trade them in exchange for cryptocurrencies. NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens play an essential component of the metaverse as they connect to the digital assets of the metaverse and their valuation. The metaverse already offers routes for people to display digital assets such as art, accessories, and properties as we’ve noticed with organizations such as Nike, Adidas, and Samsung. NFTs become proof of the right of all additional assets in the metaverse, in other words, NFTs are your acts.

Players choose a faction to join, which determines strategic advantages. Blockchain Council is an authoritative group of subject experts and enthusiasts who evangelize blockchain research and development, use cases and products and knowledge for a better world. Blockchain Council creates an environment and raises awareness among businesses, enterprises, developers, and society by educating them in the Blockchain space. We are a private de-facto organization working individually and proliferating Blockchain technology globally. Even though the overall crypto market is experiencing consistent bearish trends, HERO has managed to hold its position and has only seen a 30% drop in its market cap with a current valuation of $500 million.

We will see metaverse and well-constructed games functional faster than we think. Before this, we can participate by the ownership of this kind of token. In this article, we will share with you the weightier 10 metaverse tokens that are capable to be the largest than Axie Infinity.

Top 3 Metaverse Tokens on The Solana Blockchain

In 2021, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg adopted the term in an attempt to rebrand his company under Meta. The term Meta means something beyond the ordinary perception, while the universe signifies the container for a given reality. A metaverse is an immersive place existing on the internet where players have the liberty to design their immediate surroundings using programming languages and user interface tools. So, unlike our true reality, which is the true-to-life world, you can only use the metaverse via technology.

Top Metaverse Tokens

He is a gaming geek from the early childhood and you can always find him playing video games in his favorite couch. Theta network is a promising platform for all content creators and one should note it down for future aspects. Analysts have already started betting on it and will surely bring the game up in 2022.

The project was created by the same team behind Learn 2 Trade forex signals provider, which has a community of more than 70,000 people. Finally, this particular platform is built on the Polygon network of Ethereum blockchains. In addition to the eight P2E games, it also includes a decentralized exchange and a non-fungible token marketplace.

The Sandbox

We wanted to give players control over their experiences and provide them with premium quality digital assets to enhance how people express themselves. EPIK is driving its path as a major sign of premium digital assets for both brands and games due to its close correlation to the identity, performance, or status of the items in the collection. Metaverse wallet, you’re presented with various services and digital assets that are waiting to be traded with potential buyers. More investors are flocking to the metaverse game due to its limitless growth potential and increasing depth. Millions of video game players worldwide have become accustomed to life-simulation video games such as The Sims. Many upcoming project leads came along with their creative ideas when the crypto gaming community speculated about a virtual life simulation gaming project.


For this reason, it was originally launched for both mobile and Windows platforms. Many long-term crypto HODLers were interested in the implementations of ALICE and what it had for the crypto world. For this reason, ALICE received unparalleled support from the community in its pre-sale event and reached $500 million in market cap in a matter of 30 days.

Quotes are growing and will continue to grow in a global perspective. The fact is that Decentraland land parcels are sold and bought only for MANA tokens. And the demand, the price of plots, as well as transactions volume continue to grow.

There are several other Metaverse projects building great infrastructures. However, these projects making it to the list does not necessarily mean they are great investments. Moreover, each project has its own pros and cons, and they are all striving to build Metaverse, which is unknown yet. ENJ is the native token of Enjin and is used to back NFTs and avail services on its platform. APE is the native token for the collective, used for governance, utility, and incentivization. With lower fees than many other chains, BNB Chain has grown rapidly.

Its flagship product, the Enjin Network, is a social gaming platform that boasts over 20 million users. Epik was the first and only NFT visitor to do any deals with AAA gaming companies for NFTs. Clients include ViacomCBS, Warner Music, Garena, Tencent, and Universal.

Most of these projects are shoddy unprofessional attempts to copy successful projects. However, one can single out a certain number of high-level projects with an excellent potential for rapid development and scaling. For example, a prominent metaverse project, “The Sandbox,” allows users to create and exercise ownership over their gaming experiences. In addition, users also have the opportunity to monetize their gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain by leveraging SAND.

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Metaverse tokens are a form of digital token that will be used as a virtual currency within the metaverse ecosystem. These tokens are slightly different from traditional cryptocurrencies. These tokens will act as your finance for a wonderful experience in the virtual world. In this presentation, we will list the top 5 metaverse tokens and analyze their working process.

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