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He writes of how the process of staying sober is a daily activity. He shares his recovery plan and explains the importance of the 12-Step program and how it has helped him in his recovery journey.

Addiction Memoirs Are a Genre in Recovery – The New York Times

Addiction Memoirs Are a Genre in Recovery.

Posted: Mon, 17 Feb 2020 08:00:00 GMT [source]

It takes even more guts to seek the help you need to recover. These twenty-six authors have shown incredible bravery and resilience in sharing their most painful experiences and deepest vulnerabilities in public as they recount their roads to recovery. This is the book for you if you’re looking for masterful prose. It is also the book for you if you consider faith to be a necessary piece for the puzzle that addiction recovery entails. This is a story of faith and love through the journey of recovery, more than just a tale from alcoholism to sobriety. I started reading addiction memoirs in college, well before I admitted to having an alcohol use disorder.

Drunk Mom by Jowita Bydlowska

After surviving nearly a decade of heroin abuse and hard living on the streets of San Francisco’s Tenderloin District, Tracey Helton Mitchell decided to get clean for good. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Raymond Zakhari breaks down the effects of alcohol inebriation on your sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. Today, she’s a lawyer and motivational speaker who wants to show others that change is possible. When women are in a blackout, things are done to them,” Hepola writes.

  • Based on his own experience and the stories of his many patients, Frankl argues that we cannot avoid suffering but we can choose how to cope with it, find meaning in it, and move forward with renewed purpose.
  • Radical Acceptance offers a path to freedom, including the day-to-day practical guidance developed over Dr. Brach’s twenty years of work with therapy clients and Buddhist students.
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  • This book provides an eye-opening perspective on and insight into how racism and white supremacy can lead to intergenerational trauma.

These insights can introduce a whole new dimension of healing while on a sobriety or moderation journey. Lewis is one of the greatest Christian authors of all time. Every work by Lewis is a masterpiece.Mere Christianitydeals with the fundamentals and doctrines of the Christian belief. Writing as a former atheist, Lewis writes in a way that anyone can grasp its powerful truth. Author Michael Dash, entrepreneur and recovering addict, draws many parallels between his life pursuing business success and his obsession with gambling that caused him to bottom out.

Borderline Personality Disorder & Addiction

I believe that the more you can understand yourself and broaden your approach to work, the easier it will be to find work that best alcohol recovery books energizes you. Finally, I’m a team player at heart, and love working with others to achieve a huge goal so a portion of…

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  • Iranian American novelist Porochista Khakpour’s elegant, vibrant memoir is primarily about being sick and trying to find answers.
  • As two memoirs in one, this book offers two very unique journeys and insights into living with severe alcohol use disorder.
  • Since I don’t love the word “journey”, I prefer to think of it as a kind of endurance art, the term performance artists give to work that requires long periods of hardship, solitude or pain.
  • Maybe none of these things apply to you when it comes to alcohol, but there’s something else in your life that’s not a positive force.

TheEmpathy Examsauthor’s stunning book juxtaposes her own relationship to addiction with stories of literary legends like Raymond Carver, and imbues it with rich cultural history. The result is a definitive treatment of the American recovery movement — a memoir in the subgenre like no other. Next to running sprints and lifting heavy weights, reading is my favorite way to let go of stress and achieve a renewed sense of possibility. Opening a good book every night before bed was one of my first strategies for finding a replacement activity for drinking alcohol. This recovery story captures the anguish and doubt that accompany the choice to quit drinking. Hen we hear the word “recovery”, especially alongside “literature”, we tend to think of books on alcoholism or drug addiction.

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