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Personnel Security Specialist Pay and Benefits U S Customs and Border Protection

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However, check beforehand whether an employer does want you to have a cyber security certificate, and which specific one they have in mind. After all, you don’t want to waste your time, effort, and money on a qualification you don’t need or that won’t come in handy for your chosen career path. Collaborating with security officers and personnel to develop and how to become a security specialist implement security protocols and processes. “Security is the only area of certified IT skills that has never had a negative quarter throughout this recession,” says David Foote, CEO and Chief Research Officer of leading research firm, Foote Partners. “We’ve never had a three-month period with a loss or decline in premiums for IT security specialists.”

  • You might want to pursue a police or military background before getting involved in personal security.
  • It makes sense to start thinking about what kinds of certifications are required by an employer, or what kinds of certifications make job applicants competitive within the field.
  • In addition, Introduction to Cybersecurity is a free course offered by Cisco’s Net Academy.
  • Tech Co. is a large server storage company with locations on both coasts of the United States.
  • Maintain an understanding of the current vulnerabilities, response, and mitigation strategies used in cyber security operations.

Their findings are vital for developing better system security policies in the future. This list of the top 50 cybersecurity networking groups and professional organizations from Digital Guardian is a good place to start. The key areas where this is happening include industry certifications and advanced degree programs. Top 5 security officer interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates. We are looking for a Computer Security Specialist to implement and maintain our security systems. You will be responsible for preventing unauthorized access to our data and responding to privacy breaches.

FAQs About Information Security Specialists

According to MIT’s Technology Review, by 2021, approximately 3.5 million jobs in the cybersecurity industry will be vacant. Out of all the candidates that apply for these positions, fewer than one in four are qualified. This means that there is no better time than today to start training and searching for cybersecurity specialist jobs. The actual job description of a security specialist can be hard to pin down, because these specialists may have varying duties based on their actual position.

what is a security specialist

Ensuring that all security protocols and systems comply with NISPOM requirements. Admissions advisors can provide more info about security programs and curriculum, admissions & start dates, career placement, tuition costs, personalized financial aid options & scholarships. Provide physical security for patients, employees and property at Phoenix Baptist Hospital. Patrol and monitor security officers conducting inbound and outbound freight shipments at Rouge. In this role, you’d be hired on to guard such settings as business complexes, shopping malls, high-rise apartment buildings, or schools.

Careers & Benefits

Some organizations prefer candidates with prior and relevant work experience and a master’s degree or a particular specialization. Employment of IT security specialists is expected to increase by thirty-three percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the 8% average for all U.S. occupations. Security will remain a top concern for IT hiring managers as the frequency and impact of cyber attacks continues to rise.

In fact, cybercrime is forecasted to amount to $10.5 trillion by 2025 — which is just a few short years away. Combine this upward growth in the industry with thezero percent unemployment rate, and the result is a white-hot job market that featuressix-figure salaries. Information technology security specialists, a.k.a. cyber security analysts, take home a median annual wage of $103,590, according to the latest salary data from the U.S.

Security Specialist Job Description

Furthermore, as a protective officer, it is essential to coordinate with law enforcement should the situation require. Once you’re ready to become a security specialist, you should explore the companies that typically hire security specialists. According to security specialist resumes that we searched through, security specialists are hired the most by Target, Allied Universal, and Lincoln Financial Group.

Develop custom systems for specialized security features and procedures for software systems, networks, data centers, and hardware. Monitoring and inspecting physical and digital security systems for weaknesses, risks, threats, and attacks. The job of patrol officers is to enforce ordinances, laws, prevent crime, control crowds, arrest violators, and regulate traffic. To be a successful patrol officer, you should have solid judgment, excellent communication skills, and decision-making skills in stressful situations. Provide technical and operational support on ATFP physical security, and physical security assessments and policy/procedure development. Browse through our resume examples to identify the best way to word your resume. Then choose from 12+ resume templates to create your security specialist resume.

Career Progression

Some of the skills we found on security specialist resumes included “physical security,” “incident response,” and “facility.” We have detailed the most important security specialist responsibilities below. Since a security specialist is essentially an entry level position in the large world of cyber security, there are positions you can start out in at first and then, you can work your way up the ladder into a management role. It is a great career to enter as there are several roads to travel toward executive-level roles. A security specialist can be defined as anyone that specializes in the security of people, assets, networks, telecommunications systems, and IT systems.

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