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Fashion industry and precarious jobs within the economy of creativity?

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12. I was not the only one to explore the suffering and the contradictory pleasures of what is now referred to as "normative femininity". McQueen’s Runway Robots in 20 mins. Researchers in the US as well as elsewhere in the UK in the late 1970s began to question the manner that femininity was frequently portrayed as superficial.

The effect is the result of Alexander McQueen combining technology and performance art in his No. 13 show, in which the model Shalom Harlow’s dress in tulle spray painted by two robot arms. When I completed the first of my degrees in English Literature and Sociology in 1974, very few departments of literature would consider a thesis about magazines for girls as valid. 13.

In sociology, the subject of teenage girls and leisure pursuits can only be filed in a bizarre way, under the notion of "deviance". A summary of 10 minutes. However, in Birmingham the topic made total sense as an area of study. Colin McDowell offers his key knowledge in his Masterclass and provides valuable advice to anyone who wants to be successful in today’s fashion industry. Although cultural studies ultimately gained a place in the humanities, arts as well as social science, the range is still a source of uncontrollable or even nervous grin or giggle from older people. References.

In fact, I am an older person and it is still happening to me. BoF Certification. Fashion industry and precarious jobs within the economy of creativity? The shameful treatment of women by tabloids and on reality television? The ideal of perfection that is proclaimed to girls by magazines and the social media industry? The legitimacy of studies in culture isn’t something can be taken for granted , even today. Successfully completing an BoF course is a sign of your commitment to improve your fashion-related career.

However, perhaps this ongoing examination of the foundations of their validity will continue to tell us something about the importance and place of culture in our society. Increase your CV. Angela McRobbie is Professor of Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London.

You can add this feat to your resume and employers will see it as evidence of a driven and determined candidate. The most recently published book she has written is Feminism as a Political Concept Resilience (Polity 2020). Connect to Linkedin. She was made as a Fellow in the British Academy in 2017. Prove your knowledge of the latest trends in your field through adding you BoF Certificate of Course to your personal profile at the clicking of one button. Information hub.

Courses You Could Find Interesting. If you’re a student of history, you’re often the target of the jokes about employability. The Science and Art of purchasing and Merchandising.

I can remember a lot of memes (people still make use of memes, do you think?) while I was in university , implying that history students did not get jobs (see the following): Digital Marketing. But the notion that history isn’t an enticing degree to pursue is incorrect. Develop a Direct-To Consumer Brand.

Law is a popular job for graduates of the discipline. Do you have a concern regarding BoF Education? If yes, look up our FAQs. Being employed in a law firm or corporate firm will quickly teach you that many of the abilities you’ve subtly (often not even noticing) acquired during your education are highly valuable. If you need further support, please contact us at

We’re here to explain the value of these skills! 1. 1. Eligibility, Enrolment , and Registration. Research – Selecting sources. Access to all classes and learning materials when you join the BoF Professional membership.

Research is perhaps the most evident of these abilities and with good reason. Yes, you have to be an BoF Professional Member in order to have access to all online learning and courses that are available through BoF Education within your membership. As a student of history, I spent most of my three years at the university in the library , trying to locate a piece of evidence to support or refute my argument. No age limitation. Most of the time, I am forced to sort through a stack of sources to find an extremely small, exact piece of information.

BoF Education online courses and learning materials are self-directed, and can be taken in any time that you are in. For each answer you’re looking for, there are a myriad of sources to start looking. Courses are not available for purchase individually However, an BoF Professional membership grants you access to unlimited courses including learning tools. The ability in breaking down an problem into bite-sized, smaller pieces to reduce your search to a specific area from the beginning is a technique I learned quickly and that I’ve used numerous times since I started at Shearman and Sterling.

If you’re an BoF Professional member, all courses or learning material are open to you at any moment when you click ‘Enroll Now to access. Similar to locating an evidence piece to write a history essay I’ve had to complete research assignments as a law student in corporate law. Please email if you have any problems. The answer I’m seeking could be found in an a variety of sources. If you are you are a BoF Professional Member who is enrolled in the course, you are granted access to the courses for the duration of your subscription remains active. Sometimes, finding the answer is simple. The materials for learning and classes are all online so that you can study according to your pace, and according to your own timetable.

You choose the right source, and the exact information or authority you’ve been asked to locate is available. It is possible to begin as soon as you are BoF Professional BoF Professional member, or whenever you’re ready, and there’s no deadline to meet. It’s an amazing feeling! However, this isn’t always the situation. If you’re a BoF Professional member, you’ll have access to this course materials for as long as your membership remains active.

In other instances, I’ve required me to narrow my search through reading legal journals and commentaries. 2. Similar to how you mobilize secondary sources to simplify your research as an undergraduate student in the field of history This requires logical, clear thinking to guide you, as swiftly as you can, to the exact element of primary information you require. Training and Certificates. You must be able to eliminate unnecessary sources and choose ones that are most suitable for the job you are working on. You’ll learn through tutorial videos educational presentations, important readings and activities to learn.

2. You can download any course material written by the instructor which includes all academic presentation as well as additional reading. Research – Online. The video tutorials aren’t available for download. The ability to utilize online tools for research is a useful skill to be a corporate trainee lawyer. There is no set time to finish, and you are able to move at your own speed and you will be able to access to the content while the course is accessible via BoF along with your BoF subscription remains current. This ability has proven useful when researching extremely intricate, precise subjects. You will be awarded the BoF digital certificate following the completion of BoF classes.

The most difficult research assignment I’ve been assigned so far is to determine if "summarily" is defined in English law in a contractual context. This certificate can be easily placed on LinkedIn or other social networks as well as being displayed on your resume or CV. For instance, if the contract permits employees to end their employment in a summative manner. the employment agreement. It is also possible to print and download the certificate if like to. The task was difficult due to the fact that "summarily" is a term used in English law within an instance of summary judgement in a legal matter however, not in the case that of the law on contracts. Certificates aren’t granted for access to the other BoF Learning Materials for example, Playbooks. To conclude that I needed to apply my skills in online research.

The answer is yes, BoF courses are not yet accredited. I needed to make sure that during my research, I was delineating the two definitions, and taking out the irrelevant to my specific research. There are no tests during any one of these courses. 3. In the course you will be able to take short quizzes that can help you to reinforce your learning.

buy Reference your research sources! 3. I’m afraid that keeping the track of your sources isn’t something you can simply forget when you submit your dissertation! Payment. The systematic approach to research that you learned from your degree in history can be useful as a corporate lawyer. As you become a BoF Professional Member you have access to classes and learning materials are included in the cost of your membership.

It’s a valuable ability that has saved me lots of time in my research projects since joining Shearman & Sterling.


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